Prodi Informatics Study Program

Prodi Informatics Study Program

Become a major in informatics engineering that provides knowledge and guidance in the database and network sector to produce graduates who are competent, have high moral standards and have an entrepreneurial mindset in the Southern Sumatra in 2019.

1. Providing learning with database and network sectors effectively and efficiently.
2. Carry out innovative and productive research in the Informatics Engineering sector and its applications.
3. Providing guidance and counseling to the public regarding computerized technology and its application.
4. Cooperating with various parties in developing science, institutions, and resources.
5. Improving the performance and competence of the academic community who are professional and have an entrepreneurship.

Intelligent Computing & Vision
It offers students to gain understanding, skills and experience in manipulating and analysing image data in various application fields (industry, artificial intelligence, biomedicine) by applying intelligent system methods to the application areas and optimising the system.

Software Engineering
It offers students to have the ability and experience of various techniques and aspects that must be considered in software development.

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Faculty Faculty Of Computer Science
Academic Program Informatics Study Program
Program Type Undergraduate Program (S1)
Accreditation BAIK SEKALI
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 Tahun)