Prodi Computer System Study Program

Prodi Computer System Study Program

Becoming a study program that produces competent resources in the embedded system and computer networks sector with professional and integrity to fill and create job opportunities in 2026.

1. Providing teaching and learning processes to produce competent graduates in the embedded systems and computer networks sector.
2. Increase the research number and community service with an emphasis on embedded systems, computer networks, and the results are published to the society.
3. Develop students' creativity and entrepreneurship to improve their competence to be able to create job opportunities.
4. Collaborating with stakeholders to create links and matches in the labor market.

Embedded Systems:
Designed for students to gain understanding, skills, and experience in planning, designing, implementing, analyzing, maintaining, and documenting comprehensive solutions for computer-based systems, both for hardware and software utilization. This involves planning, designing, implementing, analyzing, maintaining, and documenting basic hardware, operating systems, and low-level applications for real-time computing with limited resources. It also includes interfacing, selecting communication models between devices, mobile device models, I/O, data acquisition, actuators, and low-power features.

Computer Networks:
Graduates with a profile in Computer Networks have the ability to plan, design, implement, analyze, maintain, and document computer network infrastructures in Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs), and the Internet. They possess skills in using applications and testing tools as work aids and can operate computer network devices, manage bandwidth, and implement security at the network level.


Faculty Faculty Of Computer Science
Academic Program Computer System Study Program
Program Type Undergraduate Program (S1)
Accreditation B
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 Tahun)