Prodi Information Systems

Prodi Information Systems

Become an Information Systems Study Program that produces Professional Human Resources to Fill and Create Job Opportunities in 2023.

1. Providing teaching and learning quality process to produce graduates who are professional and competent in the sector of Information Systems.
2. Increase the research number of research, community service among lecturers and students, and be published under competencies in the sector of Information Systems.
3. Develop students' creativity and entrepreneurship to improve competence to be able to fill or create job opportunities. Collaborating with stakeholders to create links and matches in the labor market.

Information System Analyst
Students will gain understanding, skills, and experience in analyzing user needs, technology, and information systems that will be developed to support the organization's goals. This includes designing, developing, testing program code, implementing, integrating, maintaining information systems, analyzing weaknesses and threats to the system, providing solutions, and supervising various information system issues faced by organizations. Students will also be able to examine and evaluate information systems from the perspectives of business processes, data and information quality, hardware and software conditions, sustainability, and identify potential risks.

Database Administrator
Designed for students to gain understanding, skills, and experience in planning, monitoring, improving performance, and testing the security level of databases by exploring and discovering patterns within a database. This information can then be used as a basis for decision-making within the organization.


Faculty Faculty Of Computer Science
Academic Program Information Systems
Program Type Undergraduate Program
Accreditation BAIK SEKALI
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 years)