Prodi Master of Computer Science

Prodi Master of Computer Science

The Computer Science Master's Programme is under the Faculty of Computer and Science. Its establishment is based on the Decree of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia NUMBER 473/E/O/2023 concerning the PERMISSION OF A COMPUTER SCIENCE MASTER'S PROGRAMME on June 6, 2023. Currently, the Computer Science Master's Programme has three specialisation areas, which are Computational Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Enterprise.

Becoming a Master of Computer Science Study Programme that excels in producing professional resources with integrity to fill and provide employment opportunities in 2035.

1. Providing a quality master of computer science learning process to produce professional and competent graduates in Computation Intelligence, Cyber Security and System Enterprise.
2. Producing quality master's research and Community Partnership Program in the area of computation Intelligence, Cyber Security and System Enterprise among lecturers and students.
3. Build the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of computer science master students to increase competence to fill and provide employment opportunities.
4. Build national and international partnerships in master of computer science to create a link and match within professional world.

Career outlook refers to KKNI (Level 8) and SN-DIKTI, as well as the results of the study of the Association of Informatics and Computer Colleges (APTIKOM) and matches the strengths of Universitas IGM. The main purpose of establishing the Master of Computer Science study programme, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri is to produce graduates who are professional and have integrity to fill and create high moral employment opportunities with superior competence in computational intelligence, cybersecurity, and enterprise systems with the following studies:

Computational Intelligence
Computational Intelligence Expert, an expert who has the ability to design, develop, and implement AI-based solutions in various fields, such as business, industry, health, and so on, using machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and intelligent systems approaches.

Cybersecurity Specialist, A person who has the ability to become a specialist in cybersecurity, including cryptography techniques, penetration testing, intrusion detection, and cybersecurity policies. They can design, develop, and implement information security solutions on various computer systems and networks.

Enterprise System
Enterprise System Architect, an enterprise system architect who has the ability to design and develop complex and effective enterprise systems. Understand business needs, identify the right system architecture, and design enterprise solutions that can integrate various technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and business intelligence.


Faculty Faculty Of Computer Science
Academic Program Master of Computer Science
Program Type Graduate Program (S2)
Accreditation B
Duration of Study 3 Semester (1,5 Years)