Prodi Government Science Study Program

Prodi Government Science Study Program

The Undergraduate Government Science Study Programme is part of the Faculty of Government and Cultural Sciences, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, established through the Decree of the Minister of National Education Number 83/D/O/2008 dated 22 May 2008. Students of the government science study programme are directed to have competence in the field of government, which can be applied to government institutions, political / government consultants, non-governmental organisations, political parties, and corporations.
Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Government Science Study Programme is one of the founders and members of the Union of Indonesian Government Science Study Programs based on Membership Certificate Number S1.58.2021. Furthermore, the availability of teaching staff (lecturers) who have the expertise in their fields with postgraduate / doctoral qualifications from reputable universities in Indonesia, with 7 permanent lecturers and 3 practitioner lecturers. Teaching and learning are carried out using various methods, including practicum, field lectures, research, debates, forum group discussions, and academic visits. The Government Science Study Programme also has extensive networks and collaborations at the regional, national and international levels to support the three pillars of higher education. The government science study programme has alumni who became the youngest Regional House of Representatives leaders in Indonesia.

The Undergraduate Government Science Study Programme is fully equipped with several facilities to support student learning activities. The facilities include:
1. Classroom of the Faculty of Government and Cultural Sciences on the 8th Floor of B Building.
2. Discussion Room on the 3rd Floor of C Building as a support for learning activities equipped with air conditioning, meeting tables, chairs, and projectors.
3. Large Classroom ( Council Room of Government Science Study Programme) (4th Floor of Building C).
4. Mentoring Room of the Faculty of Government and Cultural Sciences on the 3rd Floor of the C Building, which is equipped with mentoring tables and chairs, waiting chairs, and air conditioning.
5. Government Science Podcast (GSP) Room at IGM TV Studio (9th Floor of B Building)

7th Floor C Building of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Number 629 Km. 4.5 Palembang City
Tel: (0711) 322705
Fax: (0711-357754)
Email :
Instangram : @ilmupemerintahan_uigm

Becoming a Government Science Study Program that produces professional and integrity human resources to fill and or create job opportunities in South Sumatra in 2022..

1.Providing teaching and learning processes that produce professional graduates in the government management sector who are sensitive to contemporary social issues.
2. Improving research and community service among lecturers and students related to contemporary social issues, government policies and local government issues.
3. Collaborating with stakeholders to create links and matches in government institutions
4. Develop the entrepreneurship passion and student creativity to improve competence in order to be able to create job opportunities.

Bachelor of Government Science is needed in various fields of work and or profession. Graduates of the Bachelor of Government Science, Faculty of Government Science, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri are prepared to have a career as:

Government Officer
Government Officers offer students expertise in the area of Government and work in Government institutions/agencies, both at the central government and regional government, BUMN/BUMD employees, members or staff of central or regional election institutions.

Political Officers (Politicians)
Politicians offers students to participate in political activities, become political experts or political figures and participate in government affairs. The projected profession is to become a member of a political party, member of the legislative council or expert staff of legislative members both at the central and regional levels.

Organiser of Organisations
Having this competency offers students to be able to lead and manage groups or organisations, be able and skilled in serving the community, be able to speak in front of the public and convince the public in government programs/activities. Professions are projected to be founders or members of non-governmental organisations, staff at research institutes, surveys, or consultants.

The student is expected to learn how to build and run entrepreneurial activities that can produce products or services that have selling value and are ready to be commercially marketed.

Along with the career prospects outlined above, graduates of government science study programmes can also pursue careers as journalists, administrators, spokespersons/public relations, and in the private sector and can continue their studies at a higher level.


Faculty Faculty of Government and Cultural Sciences
Academic Program Government Science Study Program
Program Type Undergraduate Program (S1)
Accreditation B
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 year)