Prodi Visual Communication Design Study Program

Prodi Visual Communication Design Study Program

The Visual Communication Design study programme is part of the Faculty of Government and Cultural Sciences, which was established on May 22, 2008.

Students of Visual Communication Design study programme are driven to have Core competencies:
1. Apply the Basic Principles of Design
2. Apply the Basic Principles of Communication
3. Apply Design Production Knowledge
4. Programme a Design Brief
5. Operate Design Software
6. Creating Artwork
7. Presenting Artwork
8. Implementing Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Side Competencies:
1. Organise Project Related Information
2. Set Design Strategy
3. Developing Design Concepts
4. Evaluating the Design
5. Creating Ready-Made Materials
6. Managing the Production Process
7. Managing the Design Process

The Visual Communication Design Undergraduate Study Programme is equipped with several facilities to support student lecture activities. The facilities include
1. Drawing Studio
2. Computer Laboratory with design desk and iMac computer.
3. Full AC Classroom
4. Library
5. Animation Tracing Room
6. Wifi
7. Photography and Multimedia Studio
8. Graphics Studio
9. Outdoor work space

Jl. Jend Sudirman, KM.4, No 629 Palembang.
email : ,
telp : 0711-322705

Becoming a Study Program that Produces Professional and Integrity Human Resources to Fill and Create Visual Communication Design Job Opportunities in the Computer Technology-based Advertising Sector

1. Providing lecture activities to produce Visual Communication Design graduates who have high creativity and professional, especially in the Advertising sector in South Sumatra or on a national and international scale, also competent in technological advancements and global developments.
2. Conducting research and community service capable of discussing and studying the scope of Visual Communication Design that have benefits for the community.
3. Collaborating with stakeholders to create links and matches on various aspects related to the Visual Communication Design scientific sector.
4. Creating entrepreneurial passion in improving competence so that every graduate is able to create job opportunities in the Visual Communication Design sector.

1.Produce great graduates of Bachelor of Design (S.Ds) who are qualified and have Visual Communication Design competencies, especially in the Advertising sector.
2. Produce great graduates of Bachelor of Design (S.Ds) who are able to fill and create job opportunities in the Visual Communication Design sector in an innovative and beneficial to the society.
3. Participate in developing the scientific sector of visual communication design in South Sumatra, especially Palembang, both in quality and scientific implementation of various aspects of social life in society that are able to keep up every development of the era, especially in the advancement of computerized-based information technology.

A specialized profession in the field of visual arts and design, typically serving as the creator or provider of illustrative images to clarify the meaning of a specific text or to enhance its visual appeal. This includes work in books, novels, magazines, newspapers, advertisements, posters, etc.

A profession that involves creating images by capturing light from a subject using a camera or other photographic equipment. Photographers often focus on the art and technique to produce high-quality photos and continually strive to develop their skills.

Media Planner
A profession involved in planning media activities to effectively communicate a message to a target audience at the right time and frequency.

A text writer with the goal of promoting or marketing a product or service.

Graphic Designer (Visual Communication Designer)
A graphic designer, also often referred to as a graphic communication designer, is a professional who creates illustrations, typography, photography, or motion graphics. A graphic designer produces work for publishers, print media, digital/electronic media, and advertising products.

Art Director
Responsible for the aesthetic direction and management, an art director oversees a team working under them, including graphic designers, illustrators, artists, photographers, fashion stylists, and others in the realms of advertising and commercial performance. They are tasked with creating concepts or ideas, acting as a bridge between the creative director or head project and guiding the journey of concepts and marketing strategies.

Creative Director
The creative leader in advertising and marketing companies, publications, media, or websites.


Faculty Faculty of Government and Cultural Sciences
Academic Program Visual Communication Design Study Program
Program Type Undergraduate Program (S1)
Accreditation B
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 year)