Prodi Biology

Prodi Biology

In 2028, the biology study programme will have professional human capital with integrity to fill and create jobs in the field of biology/microbiology.

Education: Improving learning that is relevant to the development of biology/microbiology, both in the development of the latest facilities and infrastructure, a curriculum that is in line with market needs, as well as qualified and competent researchers and consultants.

Research: Collaborate with other institutions, both companies and universities in order to improve the quality of research for lecturers and students, to provide benefits for the development of biosciences in line with their professions and knowledge.

Community Service: To provide a programme of community service based on the strengths of the community, giving values to the people's lives, as part of the solution to the problems faced by the community.

Management: Management system that provides a link and match between professional and scientific fields: As well as improving religious campus life with the principle of exemplary, developing human capital with character and integrity.

Capable of using conventional or modern instruments, interpreting and processing data into alternative solutions to solve biological/microbiological and related problems.

Capable of coordinating several technicians and/or analysts.

Capable of leading an organisation, especially in the area of biology or microbiology.

Capable of seeing business opportunities in the biology/microbiology industry and the opportunity to provide employment in the biology/microbiology industry and related fields such as fisheries, food, fertiliser, ecotourism and others.


Faculty Faculty Of Computer Science
Academic Program Biology
Program Type Undergraduate Program (S1)
Accreditation B
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 Tahun)