Prodi Accounting Study Program

Prodi Accounting Study Program

The Accounting Program, a part of the Faculty of Economics at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, was officially established on March 28, 2008. Students in the Accounting program are directed towards gaining competence in Accounting, Finance, Accounting Information Systems, and Accounting and Operational Auditing. They are educated to understand and master the process of preparing financial reports, whether manual or computerized, conducting audits of financial and operational reports, and utilizing integrated accounting information systems that are in line with the development of technology and communication related to big data and digital analytics. This knowledge serves as a foundation for decision-making.
The curriculum is designed and continuously updated to meet the workforce needs in the era of information technology. Additionally, students are equipped with both soft skills and hard skills through a structured program throughout their studies. They are prepared to become ethical leaders capable of competing and thriving in various entities and community life.

Academic Facilities:
Computer labs, entrepreneurship labs, stock exchange corner, tax center, digital library, student creative space.

Non-Academic Facilities:
Student senate room, theater room, fully air-conditioned classrooms, 24/7 wifi, elevators, sports facilities such as swimming pool, archery field, badminton, table tennis, etc.

8th Floor, Building C, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri
Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. 629 KM.4 Palembang 30113
Phone: 0711-322705, 0711-322706 Fax: 0711-357754 Fax: (0293) 362438
Instagram: akuntansi_uigm

Becoming an accounting study program that produces professional human resources to fill and create job opportunities.

Providing quality administration, research and community service in the accounting sector, to be able to fill and create job opportunities at national and international levels.

1. Have a better study program management administration.
2. Producing graduates who are reliable and needed for employment and ready to face global changes by mastering accounting knowledge.
3. Producing research and development of accounting science that contributes to the accounting science improvement.
4. Play a role in solving accounting problems in the business, industry and government sectors that can improve the quality of higher education with community service.
5. Collaborating with government and private institutions in implementing the Three Pillars of Higher Education and having competent permanent lecturers with graduate and postgraduate education levels.

A Bachelor's degree in Accounting is highly sought after in various business sectors, catering to both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Graduates from the Accounting program at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri are not only equipped with competence in Accounting and Finance but are also prepared for diverse career paths, including:
  1. Accounting professionals involved in preparing financial statements based on IFRS and Financial Accounting Standards, with a deep understanding of PSAK.
  2. Auditors in government agencies, financial and non-financial institutions, public accountants, as well as state-owned, regional-owned, and privately-owned enterprises.
  3. Accounting staff before advancing to roles as Accounting and Finance managers, possessing the skills to prepare financial reports.
  4. Management accountants skilled in providing information and solutions for cost efficiency.
  5. Team members conducting financial analysis in financial consulting or advisory roles.
  6. Taxation staff in government agencies and corporations.
  7. Tax consultants working in teams.
  8. Independent entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs running their own businesses.
With the skills acquired by graduates of the Accounting program, their career opportunities are extensive, spanning across government institutions, private enterprises, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Faculty Faculty Of Economy
Academic Program Accounting Study Program
Program Type Undergraduate Program (S1)
Accreditation B
Duration of Study 8 Semester (4 year)