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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Peace be upon all of us.

The long journey that has been gone through since its establishment in 1999 which started with Sekolah Tinggi, has formed IGM into a tough Institution facing difficulties with increasingly tough competition. The growing number of alumni who are successful in their careers and in the business world further strengthens the existence of IGM in education.

Stepping into the 2016/2017 academic year, UIGM which is only 8 years since it was developed into a university continues to make improvements in order to welcome the coming of the ASEAN Economic Community 2016. The improvement is a necessity in life to anticipate change, specially intended to produce skillful and professional human resources who are ready to compete in an era of openness in both the economic, socio-cultural, political, and security sectors.

Some strategic steps are taken in the short term, specifically:

1. Increasing the Number of Educators with Master/Magister and Doctoral qualifications, for the entire study program.

2. Reviewing all curriculum adapted to the vision and mission of the Study Program, Faculty, and University, meeting the competencies that must be possessed when students complete their studies.

3. Developing a web-based university information system, which can meet all the needs of stake holders/interested parties, such as Ministry of Research & Technology, ensuring the fulfillment of all academic requirements as a Higher Education Institution; BAN-PT, ensuring the fulfillment of the quality of Institutions and Study Programs; Lecturers and Students, facilitating the knowledge transfer by utilizing E-learning and seeking reference of science through E-Library, and letting the public know more about IGM University.

4. Adding learning facilities in the form of the new building with 10 floors for the Faculty of Economics and Laboratory and 5 floors building for Master Program Management, along with all types of equipment.

5. Implementing ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System consistently and continuously.

6. Establishing Alumni Competency for each study program with the obligation to master English Language with TOEFL score which will be increased gradually to reach 500 at the minimum score.

The increasingly tough competition between Domestic Universities and the entry of foreign universities is a challenge for the Universitas IGM to keep on racing ahead, be the best in South Sumatra Region, and get into the top 100 best universities in Indonesia in the next 5 years from around 4000 State and Private universities. In the next two decades, IGM University is targeted to be among the top 500 Universities in the World.

The way is wide open, man's job is to try, but everything goes back to the Provisions of the Almighty. We believe with the support of all Parties, including alumni who have succeeded in achieving their goals, by holding tight to the vision and mission of the foundations, challenges and obstacles will be well overcome and the opportunities will be well achieved by using the strengths and overcoming the existed weaknesses, Thank you.


Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.