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Vision And Mission

Starting with a simple dream this institution dedicated to education, until this institution is able to inspire and keep on the work to present the IGM Institute go international, and bring the institute into the 500 best universities in the world in the mid-21st century. To make that dream come true, in the next decade UIGM has formulated its vision and mission as follows:


"Universitas IGM Produces Professional and Integrity Human Capital

to Fill and/or Create Job Opportunities"


  1. Creating an educational atmosphere recognised nationally and internationally;
  2. Creating strategic partnerships with national and international stakeholders;
  3. Creating the relevancy of research and community service;
  4. Developing links and matches between education, workforce and business;
  5. Creating religious, professional and integrity character.


  1. Enhancing the strength and quality of the Three Pillars of Higher Education to create human capital with religiosity, professionalism and integrity;
  2. Enhancing the quality culture to optimise the roles and institution's responsibilities.


  1. Producing religious, professional, and integrated graduates with outstanding and independent scientific competence;
  2. Increase number of research, community service and publications recognized nationally and internationally;
  3. Realising competent and committed teaching staff;
  4. Synergise the work programme of the three pillars of higher education to improve the quality of graduates that contribute to society;
  5. Developing facilities and infrastructure to support a dynamic and relevant campus life atmosphere.


All academic community of UIGM must have values that grows and develop in the Institute as University Culture, with the shorthand IGMKU


All the academic community must grow an attitude of innovation, constantly find new things and always being at the forefront.


All the academic community must think that humans are only servants because all will return to God Almighty, it is the human obligation to always try to find and try the best. There will be no success without effort.


All academic community must understand that success does not always last all the time .The momentum will come at a certain moment. Successful person are able to read and take the momentum.

Know how

All academic community must having knowledge and skills that will grow and developed within the IGM environment to become an amazing human resources.


All academic community must think universally but act for national interest.