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Questionarre Tracer Study

Kind Regards,

Related to Circular No. 313/B/SE/2016 concerning the Implementation of the Tracer Study at the Higher Education Level, all Alumni of Universitas IGM are obliged to complete the Alumni Questionnaire. In this regard, we expect you willing to fill out/respond to this questionnaire as honestly as possible. The answers you provide will be kept confidential and will only use for the common interest.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and integrity in filling out this questionnaire. Responder data is data from a respondent who fills out the questionnaire (as evidence it isn't engineering).

Please click the IGM Tracer Study Link below, then select the Tracer Study list:

  1. Alumni questionnaire to be filled out by alumni of Universitas IGM students, both Associate's (D3 and D4) Bachelor (S1), and Masters (S2) students.
  2. Questionnaire for the user agency, filled out by the Institutions/Companies where the Universitas IGM alumni students work.

Tracer Study UIGM