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In 2028, the biology study program will produce professional human capital with high integrity to fill and create job opportunities in the areas of biology/microbiology.

Education: Improving learning relevant to the advancement of biology/microbiology, both in developing the latest facilities and infrastructure, a curriculum that follows market needs, as well as qualified and competent researchers and consultants.
Research: Collaborating with other institutions, both corporations and universities, to improve the quality of research for lecturers and students to provide benefits for the development of biosciences in line with their professions and specialities.
Community Service: The scheme of community service based on the strengths of the community to add value to community life, as part of the solution to the problems faced by the community.
Management: An apprenticeship system that provides a link and match between education, industry, and businesses by collaborating with corporations in their scientific areas. As well as improving religious campus life with politeness principles and developing human capital with character and integrity.


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