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Graduation XVIII, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Celebrates 391 Alumni

Senin, 04 Desember 2023

Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) held its II/XVIII graduation ceremony in 2023 in an open senate session of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri 2023 at Graha Indo Global Mandiri, Saturday (2/12).
In the procession, 391 alumni of Universitas IGM officially held undergraduate and postgraduate degrees after completing their education at Universitas IGM.
In front of hundreds of students, Rector of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Dr H Marzuki Alie asked every IGM alumni to keep thinking success and positive thinking. They must be able to compete in a very narrow space, and even create jobs, said Marzuki Alie during his speech.
He considered the number of graduates is not important. According to him, Universitas IGM prioritises the quality of alumni. Nevertheless, he expressed optimism that the increasing number of alumni would better position the university's graduates to excel in the professional world.
In his advice to the new alumni, he urged everyone to express gratitude, recognizing the privilege of obtaining higher educationa chance not afforded to everyone.
Marzuki also highlighted that success is influenced by various factors, including maintaining a positive character, building a network of friendships, and adapting to rapid changes.
Moreover, he emphasized the importance of upholding personal dignity and integrity, cautioning against engaging in activities that could be detrimental or illegal, such as criminal behavior and other unethical actions. (Andhiko Tungga Alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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