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Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Conducts Microteaching Workshop 2023

Senin, 11 September 2023

To improve the quality of lecturers, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) initiated the 2023 Microteaching Workshop which was held for three days, 6-8 September 2023.
The Chief Committee of the 2023 Microteaching Workshop at Universitas IGM, Rudi Heriansyah, ST, M.Eng, Ph.D explained, the Microteaching Workshop is a mentoring activity attended by lecturers, especially for new lecturers related to teaching materials, learning topics, semester lesson plans, using learning media and other materials.
By the material presented, lecturers at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) will become professional and qualified lecturers at the end of this activity, said Rudi.
In his opinion, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri lecturers have a significant potential, especially since Universitas IGM offers a few study programmes that are not offered by other universities. By having different educational backgrounds, we hope our campus will not only be known locally but also internationally, said the Dean of Faculty of Computer and Science Universitas IGM.
In the Microteaching Workshop, the topics were presented by competent speakers, starting from Material 1 and Topic Interactive Discussion: Media
Shafiera Lazuarni, S.E., M.Sc., CPF, AFA; Material 2 and Interactive Discussion Topic: RPS Atidira Dwi Hanani, M.KM; Material 3 and Interactive Discussion Topic: Learning Methods M. Quranul Kariem, S.IP., M.IP; Material 4 and Interactive Discussion Topic: Teaching Materials Abdul Kholik, S.Kom., M.Cs;
Material 5 and Interactive Discussion Topic: Learning Evaluation Try Wulandari, S.E., M.Fin., CFP; Material 6 and Interactive Discussion Topic: Vclass and Portal Lecturer UIGM Tasmi, S.SI., M.Kom and Material 7 and Interactive Discussion Topic: Microteaching Jaya Nur Iman, S.Pd., M.Pd (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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