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Universitas IGM Initiates Internship Programme for Fresh Graduate Alumni

Kamis, 04 Januari 2024

Universitas Indo Global Mandiri has a brilliant programme for fresh graduates.A Job Internship Programme for Alumni became the first programmes in early 2024.
Chairman of the Indo Global Mandiri Foundation, M Fadhiel Alie, B.I.T, M.T.I said that this internship programme was meant to prepare the alumni before jumping into the workforce.
The campus provides opportunities for alumni who want to focus on learning and experiencing the atmosphere of the workplace before getting a permanent career in Indonesia, said Fadhiel.
Although this programme is the first time, he said, the enthusiasm and interest of alumni to take part in education at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri is quite high.
We hope this programme can be conducted regularly, and provide opportunities for Universitas IGM alumni who want to hold positions in places that IGM also needs, he said.
He continued, currently there are 16 alumni participating in the internship who will later be placed as Study Programme Assistants. Hopefully, they can keep developing themselves, especially their soft skills. Also improve their work ethic, he concluded. (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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