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Build on the Principles of Morality, Integrity and Professionalism, Here's the Rector's Reminder to New Students

Kamis, 14 September 2023

Rector of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM), Dr H Marzuki Alie, reminded new students in 2023 to maximise their learning opportunities.
According to him, not all youths are lucky and can take their education to the higher level. For this reason, he said, as long as we are still in one big boat called Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, we must be able to unite our vision, mission, mutually understand each other and have the same mindset for the betterment of education in Indonesia.
According to him, it is important to have good characters and morality.
Students should never ask their lecturers to make a thesis for them. This is what is called an academic crime. Don't even think about it, or even do it, said Marzuki in front of thousands of students and lecturers of Universitas IGM on the first day of PKKMB 2023, Wednesday (13/9).
He also hopes that Universitas IGM students have the integrity and professional attitude to keep up with the competition. According to him, currently the number of job seekers with job space is not comparable.
We know, job space is getting tighter. If you are not professional, it will be difficult to fill the space. On this campus, from the beginning we must have a strong commitment in order to successfully compete, he explained.
Specifically for Universitas IGM students, he continued, must be able to prepare the workspace itself. Open job opportunities. So don't just look for (work). If we, especially UIGM alumni, are able to open our own jobs, this is the most noble thing in this world, he explained.
The founder of the Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) Foundation also hopes that IGM students have a goal of what they want to be in the future. That way, the student's purpose for learning can be clear and ready to become the best alumni from UIGM. If you don't have a purpose, I am ready to return your money, he said.
Because of that, he said, new students must be tough mentally since learning and taking in the lessons is not easy. Focus and commitment are the keys, he added.
He added, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri really prioritizes those who have good academic abilities and achievements, but are not supported by sufficient finances.
We prepare scholarships according to the opportunities available. lot of youths in this country are not financially capable, but have the potential and want to learn, he concluded (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar).

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