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PKKMB Universitas Indo Global Mandiri 2023, The First Step to Success in Reaching Your Dream

Kamis, 14 September 2023

The Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) in 2023 officially began.
The PKKMB was held for two days, from Wednesday to Thursday (13-14 September). New students must follow every single aspect of PKKMB, which is carried out in two ways: online and offline.
On the first day, Wednesday (13/9), the implementation of PKKMB Universitas IGM was carried out online, officially welcomed by the Rector of Universitas IGM, Dr H Marzuki Alie, in front of thousands of new students who followed through the Zoom provided by the campus.
The Rector welcomed the young intellectual candidates who will study at the best private campus in Sumatra. Before joining, put your mind on what you want to reach. Therefore, he said we would understand each other and have the same mindset because we are in the same boat to realise the best university.
He hopes the new students will commit to campus to learn, get knowledge according to the study program, and graduate with the best results.
The Rector also confirmed that the campus is not a place to self-enrich. This is purely to educate the nation and improve Indonesia's education quality.
Not a single cent of your money has been taken by me and my family. For that, don't worry. Universitas IGM also provides scholarships according to available opportunities, said the Rector.
For this reason, he continued, he appreciated the decision of new students for giving trust to take higher education at Universitas IGM. Once again, welcome and join the big family of Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, he concluded.
On this first day, the alma mater was also symbolically placed on two new students as a sign of student readiness to get an education later (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar).

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