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Impressive! Doctorate Lecturer at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri Continues to Grow

Rabu, 20 Desember 2023

Isabella SIP MSi, a lecturer at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (UIGM) in Palembang, has successfully earned her doctoral degree.
This achievement comes after Isabella was declared successful in the final dissertation examination for the Doctoral Program in Public Administration at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisip) of Universitas Sriwijaya (Unsri) last Saturday (16/12/2023).
Explaining her success, Isabella, a lecturer in the Government Science Program at UIGM, stated that she obtained this result after successfully defending her dissertation titled "Implementation of Digital Literacy Policy as an Effort to Build a Digital Society in Palembang."
"Alhamdulillah, I have successfully completed the dissertation examination and now hold a Doctorate from Fisip Unsri Palembang," said Isabella after completing the dissertation examination in Room III of the Fisip Unsri, Bukit Besar Palembang.
The entire process, including coursework spanning 4 years and 6 months, and the chosen dissertation topic, originated from contemplation about government policies, particularly in public policy. "We extensively researched that, taking data from the Ministry of Communication and Information as the implementer of digital-based activities," she explained.
She also emphasized that she has meticulously preserved and accounted for all the data obtained. "The research on the chosen topic took approximately a year, and thankfully, I could justify it to the examiners," she added.
The extensive duration of the research was due to the necessity of gathering a substantial amount of data and validating the acquired data to reinforce several documents related to her research. Isabella considers this research as an obligatory undertaking.
Isabella expresses hope that her dissertation will provide a positive contribution to the government and other relevant parties. (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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