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Universitas IGM Campus Fair Tournament Targets Young E-sports Talent in Palembang

Selasa, 12 Desember 2023

The Student Activity Unit for E-sports at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri has initiated a Mobile Legends tournament titled "Kampus Fair."
The tournament took place on the 12th floor of Sudirman Campus on December 11th and 12th, drawing participation from dozens of teams representing high schools and universities in South Sumatra. Beyond the competitive aspect, this event also aims to serve as a platform for identifying potential campus e-sports athletes who can go on to compete in prestigious regional and national tournaments.
Komas Syamsuddin, S.Kom, the mentor of the UIGM E-Sports Student Activity Unit, stated that the tournament's goal is to foster sportsmanship and create a competitive environment to excel within the campus community.
Furthermore, he emphasized that the presence of this Student Activity Unit could contribute to achieving non-academic accomplishments, which are crucial for performance reports of study programs and enhancing accreditation scores.
According to Syamsuddin, UIGM's e-sports program provides valuable experiences, considering that it involves not only gameplay but also elements of entertainment and event organization. Additionally, he expressed the aspiration for Indo Global Mandiri University to become a role model and the top choice for prospective students interested in e-sports in Indonesia.
Meanwhile, Andra Muharram Saribi, the Tournament Coordinator for the UIGM Campus Fair, affirmed that the Mobile Legends tournament spanned two days, starting on December 11th, with the final round taking place on December 12th.
He highlighted the strict adherence to tournament regulations, emphasizing the desire to cultivate a sportsmanlike competitive atmosphere among participants. (Andhiko Tungga Alam/Dzulfiqor Ammar)

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