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IGMTVnews.com - LPM Roeang Suara UIGM Participates in Media Festival 2023

Selasa, 19 Desember 2023

The media festival (Fesmed) named "Collaboration to Keep Independence" initiated by AJI Palembang was successfully organised.
Centered at Utopia Collaboration Space, this festival serves as a showcase for journalism in Palembang and South Sumatra at large, particularly focusing on collaborative efforts to strengthen capacity and enhance the quality of journalism, broadcasting, and television.
"This event marks our initial step to collectively rebuild public trust in the press and quality journalism," said Fajar Wiko, Chairman of AJI Palembang.
This is in response to the significant decline in the state of press freedom in South Sumatra in 2023 compared to the previous years. It's ironic, Wiko noted, considering that in 2010, Indonesian journalists agreed to the Palembang Charter (press freedom index), yet we seem to have overlooked the history of the press in South Sumatra.
The collaborative activities, exhibition of works, and sharing sessions have received appreciation and participation from various journalist organizations, media organizations, and environmental activists in South Sumatra. According to Wiko, the spirit of togetherness must be maintained, especially with the upcoming AJI Congress in 2024.
"This moment is proof that we can achieve great things together. Moreover, as we plan to host the national congress in Palembang, the support from various elements in journalism, broadcasting, and television in South Sumatra is crucial," emphasized Wiko.
Sasmito Madrim, Chairman of AJI Indonesia, appreciated the event, which also involved students from various campuses in Palembang affiliated with the Students Journalist Association (LPM).
"Collaborative activities like these are uncommon, so what AJI Palembang has done is something we hope to see in other cities across Indonesia. This is a creative space worth fighting for," said Sasmito.
As an independent journalistic organization, AJI Indonesia continues to advocate for press freedom, professionalism, and the well-being of journalists. With strengthened capacity and improved quality, the media atmosphere in South Sumatra is expected to further improve. (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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