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Strengthening Character and National Insight: Seminar Collaboration between OSIS Sumsel and UIGM

Senin, 20 November 2023

In a collaborative effort, Universitas Indo Global Mandiri (IGM) and the Student Council of South Sumatra (OSIS Sumsel) organized a seminar focused on enhancing character and national insight.
Some of competent speakers shared their insights and knowledge on character development. The speakers included Anang Purnomo Kurniawan, Head of Student Affairs for High Schools in the South Sumatra Education Office; Dr. (C) Isabella, S.Ip, M.Si, a lecturer in the Department of Governance/Ketua Bidang Penelitian Forum Koordinasi Pencegahan Terorisme Sumatera Selatan; and Nurhidayati, a Human Resources practitioner.
The seminar, held at the Theater Hall on the fifth floor of Building C at UIGM's Sudirman campus, captured the attention of students who eagerly listened to the explanations provided by each speaker.
Dr. (C) Isabella, S.Ip, M.Si, the Head of Research at the Forum for Coordination of Terrorism Prevention in South Sumatra, emphasized the importance of character and national insight in shaping individuals. She highlighted how these elements help in developing independence and mental resilience, preparing individuals to face life's challenges.
"Wawasan kebangsaan (national insight) involves a profound understanding of the nation's history and culture, forming the foundation of national identity," she stated.
Prof. Erry Yulian T Adesta, Ph.D, the Vice Rector III for Planning and Cooperation at Universitas Indo Global Mandiri, expressed full support for the initiative to strengthen national character.
"One thing is certain, the younger generation must be creative and think smartly before taking action. Avoid being mere followers. Execute according to the prepared plan, then evaluate. Always uphold traditional values," he concluded. (andhiko tungga alam/dzulfiqor ammar)

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